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1937 Likes 19 Comments CROCHET/BRAIDS/NATURALS (@cocostyles81) on Instagram: Pr

We came up with a model where you can’t lose the rope or the plug. They became a model that I couldn’t sleep until I finished, and when I finished, I couldn’t stop looking. The elegant posture of the auger and the sweet tone of the pink met in a bootie. I knit with joy and excitement. I hope you guys like them you may. The measurements I mentioned are suitable for the number 38-39

I used 1 ball of rope in my model. First of all, I put beads on the rope. When I was knitting, I knitted it in beads. You can also knit plain if you want. I used both flat Tunisian knitting and reverse Tunisian knitting technique. I used an inverted Tunisian knitting technique on the edges to make the Augers look clearer. I used a beaded bootie flower motif on the front of the booties.

1 yumak Örenbayan Dora brand candy pink rope
No. 2.5 Tunisian crochet
116 beads (not including booties flowers.)
Construction Stages:
First, 24 pieces of moderate looseness is drawn zanjir.
The first row is straight out of 24 zencirden 24 pieces of Loop.
In the second place, the model begins to put.
Top 10 Loop straight Tunisian braid, 11. one bead is passed to the loop, 3 loop reverse knitting, 6 Loop straight knitting, 3 loop reverse knitting and the last remaining 1 loop is knitted with the straight knitting technique.
In this way it is knitted for a total of 5 rows. (There should be 5 rows between the Augers.)
6.in order (let’s not include the first empty order)
The Burmese process is implemented. (you can use the video for the Burma operation.)
The same process is applied until a total of 5 Burmese are formed.
5. after the Burmese process, 1 row is knitted flat.
Then the nose begins to diminish.
The cutting process is continued until there are ‘6’ loops left on the hand by cutting 2 loops in each row.
Then all the loops are collected.
The anterior snout is formed from a total of 5 slices.
Then you move to the other wing.
The wing is completed with 5 Burmese operations as done in the first wing section.
The body part is completed.

Then 7 loops are determined from the middle of the front nose and completed with 7 loops with Tunisian flat weave technique.
Finally, the mouth part is narrowed with booties.
The booties are knitted into the flower for the ornamentation of the front snout and sewn into the front part.

I wish ease to anyone who will try. It’s a classy model to make. We wish you to weave with pleasure, use with pleasure,

Tunisian knitting twirled baby vest making.
Every braid takes a lot of work, but I’ve worked so hard for this vest… I’m really proud to look at it. I first saw a plain baby vest knitted with double skewers, and my first job was to translate it into a Tunisian knitting technique.

Then I wanted to add a touch of my own. Doesn’t every braid reflect a little bit of your braid? It’s kind of like signing our autograph. And the first thing that came to my mind was the Tunisian job Auger look. I put the auger model on my vest as a result of a lot of hard work, but then I took it off too much.
From scratch.

Then I decided to apply the auger model to just the arms of the same model.

I don’t know how many nights and days I’ve given away. I said it was the last one.it was my dream model. It was a model of a vest that got to me.

Let’s come to the construction phase,

The measurements I apply are for 2-3 year old babies. Because it is flexible, it can easily be used up to 3 years old. The vest is made up of 2 pieces, we knit 2 pieces with the same dimensions and sew them parallel to each other. If you wish, you can also knit plain without using augers. Or you can also try the brass knitting technique instead of auger, Thessaloniki, with star models.

I finished about 2 balls of rope. My preference for ropes was thin baby wool ropes. It’s not a brand, it’s baby wool. I got my strings from ‘hobium’. They provide reliable and short-term transportation. My advice:)

Because my model is heavy in terms of knitting technique, I did not use buttons or other decorative objects. I left a tiny crocheted flower from the same rope on the front lapel to taste it. I planted a few beads inside my flower to provide a slight glow.

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